Te Pou o Te Ao

5 Aug 2018

Through multimedia sculpture and carvings, Tohunga Wikuki Kingi (providing original concept drawings and designs) and Whaotapu Master Carvers bring to life fascinating stories and legends of Aotearoa and the Pacific. At 80 metres high, Te Pou o Te Ao will be a powerful national icon, that will contribute to a stronger identity and sense of pride in Auckland and in New Zealand. It will be a global symbol that celebrates our creative spirit, diverse cultures, and shared values and dreams - indeed, we will proudly tell the world 'who we are' and 'where we are from'. Whaotapu thank Toa Architects and Animation Research for their support through architectural design of the covering structure and for videography. Thanks also to Maisy Rika for allowing us to use her beautiful waiata Tangaroa for the video. There is much to do to co-create a taonga, a treasure of this scale - from the vision through to design and development, and onwards through creation and construction. Join us in making this incredible dream a reality!

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